About Always Eat Breakfast!

My name is Heath. I am the owner of the Always Eat Breakfast Food Truck. Here is a short version of how this food truck got started.

I had worked in several restaurants when younger, in almost every position possible. Then my life changed drastically and I came to Columbus Ohio with very little money and just a hope of building something new. I ended up working a desk job for a large local company.

While at work at my desk job, I used to joke to coworkers around me that we needed a breakfast food truck. One of the people I worked with started sending me links daily to food trucks that were for sale. (He swore it wasn’t a hint.) I gave it some serious thought, but you really get used to the regular hours and regular paycheck.

Then life changed again. I had a heart attack and really began to think about what was important in life. What work really made me happy? Still, you get stuck in life sometimes, and change can be difficult.

However, then life showed me too many signs to ignore! The large company that I had given 12 years, got bought out by another large company, and they laid me off!

While many around me took it hard, I rejoiced! I saw it as a sign from the universe.

I thought about what work in my life actually made me happy and I decided to open that breakfast food truck! I wanted to share the joy of breakfast with as many people as possible, and not limit breakfast to predetermined times of the day!

It took a lot of work, some mistakes along the way, and a lot of learning; but the Always Eat Breakfast Food Truck is now in Columbus Ohio!

Stop by and see me and the crew to have some of the best breakfast food available. No matter what time of the day it is!

Published on  March 1st, 2019